Monday, April 18, 2011

I Have Always Wanted To Be A Princess... Until Now

I have always wanted to be princess just like millions of other little girls before me. As I grew into a woman, my princess desire still lingered. Even though my Prince Charming did not come with an official title and a crown, I still wanted to be a princess... until now.

All the non-stop coverage of Prince William making Kate an actual princess has made me change my mind.

First, the unending comparisions between Kate and her dearly departed would-have-been mother-in-law are bringing back into focus everything that poor Lady Di went through in her short life. I imagine her in heaven shouting down, 'Don't do it! Run, Kate, run'.

Second, one of the news outlets, desperate for a new angle on what is becoming a very long, drawn out examination of the upcoming wedding, ran a story on The Ten Things Kate Will Have to Give Up. Seriously? One of them was her own name - not her last name, which most brides willing ditch, but her entire name. No more Kate for her. How improper to call a princess by a nickname. Ummm, I may not be crazy about my name, but it's still MY name. And her new name only includes Will's name - Her Royal Highness The Princess of Prince William of Wales. I wonder if the royal family can unbend enough to refer to her as anything other than an object. Did Cinderella and Aurora lose their identities as well? GASP!

The final no-thank-you to being a princess came tonight with the coverage of Baba Wawa (any SNL fans out there?) on 20/20. A look back into several generations of royal marriages and Barbara Walters couldn't find a single happy one. Not one in some one hundred years of history. Wow, not such great odds there, Kate ole girl.

So this commoner has bid adieu to a desire to be anything other than a Disney princess; at least they have happy endings.

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  1. LMBO!!! This is why we are Americans. Independence flows through our veins. Being a princess sticks, even worse a Queen. Look at what happened to Henry 8th's wives. He didn't just divorce them, he chopped their heads off. Definitely not the Disney princess version. Lol.