Monday, January 31, 2011

Who are you talking to?

I was in the grocery store today, innocently looking at apples when there was a mid-aisle cart collision.  I look up to see a lady holding a bag of organic somethings and saying 'why don't they tell you how many are in the package?' HUH? 

Apparently feeling me staring at her, she looks up and smiles. 'Sorry, I was talking to myself.  My daughter says I do it all the time.'  Okkkkkaaay.

Last week, I was waiting on a woman in my store.  She was at the cash register and seemingly talking to me.  I made all the right noises, 'great choice', 'your total is thirty-three oh eight', 'please sign on the bottom line' etc.  It wasn't until I was thanking her that I realized she had her bluetooth in her ear and had not been talking to me... at all.  She waved her hand at me as she left, still yakking away.  I looked at my next  guest with an open mouth. She just shook her head.

I remember a day when 1. people who appeared to talk to themselves in public where deemed 'crazy' - now it just means there is a bluetooth stuck in their ear.  2. it was impolite to talk to two people at the same time... i.e. on the phone and standing in front of you 3. phone conversations were private between 2 people, not 2 people and everyone within 10 feet of you.

Let me show you some pictures of me and my writing buddies. Now, THIS is the right way to talk to someone.